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The University of Auckland Business School is recognised as one of Australasia's leading business schools. Recent assessments of research productivity in finance, economics, marketing, management, and operations management, rank the school very highly in Australasia. A 2000 Colmar Brunton survey of employers employing more than one graduate per annum, rated the reputation of The University of Auckland Business School first in New Zealand.

The Business School has more than 200 academic staff with doctoral and other postgraduate degrees from more than 70 universities around the world, offering a critical breadth of international experience to our students. Many of the School's academic staff

enjoy international recognition for the quality and impact of their research, and consult widely.

The Business School currently enrols more than 5,000 equivalent full-time students annually and has approximately 15,000 graduates. The School has the highest required entry standards of any business and economics faculty in New Zealand. Two thirds of our undergraduate students have an A bursary or equivalent.

The Business School's strengths are complemented by the internationally respected profile of The University of Auckland. The University is the only New Zealand member of Universitas 21, a global consortium of research-led universities, and the Association of Pacific-Rim Universities. Membership of each of these consortia is limited to research-led institutions of international reputation across a broad spectrum of disciplines. In the 2000 Asia Week ranking of leading universities in the Asia-Pacific region The University of Auckland ranked first in New Zealand and fifth in Australasia on academic reputation. The latter ranking is notable given the relative levels of expenditure on higher education in the two countries.

The Knowledge Wave Conference reconfirmed that New Zealand must have a world class business school if we are to educate and train business and organisational executives who will be genuinely competitive in the global arena. This is fundamental among the core strategies necessary for national competitiveness and to lift the sustainable rate of economic growth in New Zealand. Our vision is to develop our Business School as an internationally respected centre for business education. We believe that

The University of Auckland, as the nation's leading research-led university, and Auckland, the nation's major commercial centre, represent the most appropriate location for a business school of this standing. Looking across the Tasman, we see the two leading Australian business schools, the Australian Graduate School of Management and the Melbourne Business School, located in the main commercial centres of Sydney and Melbourne. The need for a world class business school in New Zealand is driven by profound changes sweeping the world. Like others, the New Zealand economy is being reshaped by the forces of technological innovation and change, advances in knowledge, globalisation of business, and a quest for economic development through accelerated business creation and growth. Access to a continuous supply of well-educated and highly trained business managers and executives is vital.

The globalisation of innovation, whether it is based on science, technology, or the arts is critical to New Zealand's future competitiveness. But a country's economic development demands more than just the development of outstanding science and technology and the advancement of the creative industries. It also requires the integration of management, organisational, legal, information systems, accounting, marketing and economic expertise. Along with the development of the appropriate economic and regulatory infrastructure and climate, this expertise is critical to successful innovation and its commercialisation.

Postal address: The University of Auckland Private Bag 92019 Auckland New Zealand

Main University switchboard +64 9 373 7999

International Student Enquiries
International Student Office +64 9 308 2386

City Campus Auckland City

Tamaki Campus Corner of Merton and Morrin Roads Glen Innes, Auckland

North Shore Campus132 Hurstmere Road Takapuna, Auckland

The University of Auckland Business School

Postal address

The University of Auckland

Private Bag 92019Auckland

New Zealand

Main University switchboard+64 9 373 7999

International Student Enquiries

International Student Office

+64 9 308 2386

City Campus

Auckland City

Tamaki Campus

Corner of Merton and Morrin Roads

Glen Innes, Auckland

North Shore Campus

132 Hurstmere Road

Takapuna, Auckland


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