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International Pacific College (IPC) was established in 1990, and is a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) accredited private tertiary institution. Based just minutes from the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Palmerston North, IPC is close to a full range of cafes, bars, shops, cinemas, pool halls, a vast public library, and a range of churches and theatres.


 IPC offers Master and Bachelor degrees as well as diplomas for New Zealand and international students. At IPC, about six hundred students and staff from more than twenty countries work together in a friendly atmosphere. Such countries include Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, and more!  Students from Japan compose the largest number among the whole student body, followed by students from other countries in the Pacific-Rim region including New Zealand. "IPC's international student ratio is 13:1, clearly showing we are a truly multi-cultural campus."

Vision & Philosophy

'IPC's goal is to produce graduates who have the ability to listen to others from different countries and to communicate both cross-culturally and inter-culturally'

Courses offered by IPC include:

IPC offers the following academic programmes approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority:

  Master of International Studies (Environment) (2 years)

  Postgraduate Diploma of International Studies (Environment) (1 year)

  Graduate Diploma of International Studies (1 Year)

  Bachelor of International Studies (3 years)

(Majors in International Business, International Relations, Environment, Ecotourism, Japanese Studies, Language Studies (English).

  Diploma in Japanese Studies (1 year)

  Diploma in Japanese Language (1 year)

  Advanced Diploma in Japanese Language (1 year)

  Diploma in International Sport Studies (1 year)

  Diploma of International Studies (4 years)

(Specialisations in Tourism, Environmental Studies, Business Communication, Health and Welfare, Sports Management)

  Foundation English Programme (1 year, being the first year of the Diploma of International Studies)

  Certificate in TESOL & Diploma in TESOL


 Small Classes - More Individual Attention Available

At IPC, the average class size is only fifteen students per class, so each student will receive much more individual attention from our friendly and approachable staff than usually available at large universities.

Strong ESOL Support for Non-Native Speakers of English

IPC also offers continued ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) support in the diploma and degree programmes for each individual international student.

Extracurricular activities

IPC has a wide range of activities for students to interact with each other in.  An example of some of our clubs include: Japanese drum, rugby, volleyball, soccer, boxing, badminton, hip-hop dance, Latin dance, softball, indoor hockey, music, billiards, diving, karate, judo, tae-kwondo, capoiera, surfing, calligraphy, Japanese tea ceremony, golf, and many more!


IPC is a residential college and International and local students live in the Halls of Residence.  By living in the Halls of Residence on our International campus, students can constantly practice and improve their English and other language skills through living and socialising with their student colleagues.  IPC offers accommodation packages at a competitive cost.


Homestay accommodation provides International students with the unique opportunity to practice their English language skills with native speakers of English, and subsequently enrich their cultural experience of New Zealand.

High-Tech Facilities in a Beautiful, Park Like Campus

IPC is set amongst spacious, park-like grounds and has superb facilities including a Library, a Recreation Centre, a Health Clinic, Tennis Courts, Computer Laboratories, a Dining Hall, ten Halls of Residence, as well as Seminar Blocks on campus.

Radio Local Area Network (LAN)

Via a radio LAN network, students may access the Internet and student server on their own computer form anywhere on campus.

International Pacific College

Private Bag 11021

Manawatu Mail Centre

Palmerston North, 4442

New Zealand

Phone: +64 (0)6-354-0922

Fax: +64 (0)6-354-0935




International Pacific College

Private Bag 11021, Palmerston North

New Zealand

Phone: +64 (0)6-354-0922

Fax: +64 (0)6-354-0935




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