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Principal’s Welcome

            Dear Parents

              Thank you for considering Aidanfield Christian School as an option for your
              child’s schooling in the coming years.

              Aidanfield Christian School will appeal to families who are looking for a
              school with a view of the world and everything in it shaped by God’s truths
              and with the Bible as the basis for exploring and understanding all there
              is to know. We teach from the New Zealand National Curriculum. We are
              focused on an excellent standard of learning for all our pupils within a
              context of strong biblical values, family involvement and an emphasis on
              knowing all our pupils well.

‘Grow in Wisdom and Stature, Stand and Be Confident’ is our motto. We want our
pupils to stand and be confident in the communities they will take their place in. We
believe that education is a lot more than just learning facts and figures, or training
for employment. The truths of God’s word address all areas of life and impact on our
response to each child, be it; spiritual, academic, physical, social or emotional. We aim
for our pupils to grow in wisdom and in stature as they develop knowledge and skill that
will carry them into the future.

We welcome pupils from many nations to our school and, in doing so, we have a
learning community that encourages enjoyment and appreciation of the strengths and
differences that each of us brings to our lives together.

Our primary years programmes develop into the middle years programmes seamlessly and
progressively prepare pupils to do well in any given year while developing them to cope
with the years ahead. We believe that our school offers pupils the significant benefits of
a local school with a strong community and family environment. Our pathway to Senior
College (Year 11 – 13) at Middleton Grange School, with its specialisation for NCEA, gives
pupils who grow through our school the best of both worlds!

I encourage you to explore the opportunities our school has to offer and to contact us
if there is anything you wish to discuss. We look forward to your call.

Yours in His service
Mark Richardson
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