Page 4 - Aidanfield Christian School Prospectus
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Our Special Character

    Our special character is defined in our agreement with the Crown. Our special
    character means that:
    •	 We are non denominational, having families from a wider variety of

        Christian churches. The condition is that the church and family have
        a statement of faith similar to the school’s.
    •	 We can freely deliver the New Zealand Curriculum based on a biblical
        world view.
    •	 We employ committed Christians to work as part of our staff.
    •	 We believe that education is ultimately the responsibility of parents.
        We work in partnership with them and we are dependent on their
    •	 We recognise the importance of the inter-relationship between home,
        church and school and actively encourage, develop and support a unity
        between them.
    •	 We seek to provide an environment where pupils, parents and staff can
        experience Godly relationships.
    •	 We rely on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God,
    •	 We acknowledge that truth must be revealed by the Holy Spirit and
        knowledge measured against Biblical truth.

   The founding mission of the school

    When the school was started the mission was to provide quality education
    based on a Biblical Christian worldview enabling each child to fulfil their
    God-given destiny. This remains our focus today.
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