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What we aim to achieve

Our approach to education is holistic, seeking to address the spiritual,
intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs of our pupils.

As a staff, our aim is to nurture pupils who are:
•	 The recipients of excellent Christian education.
•	 Compassionate towards the needs of others.
•	 Determined to live lives of honesty, justice and righteousness.
•	 Confident in the knowledge that God has His hand on their lives.
•	 Developing a Biblical worldview.
•	 Genuine and enthusiastic about sharing their developing faith in Jesus Christ.
•	 Confident that they are accepted by God and are prepared to develop all the

   abilities He has given them.

This is summarised through the school Vision, which states . . .

Aidanfield Christian School is to serve and work together with families in
equipping children in a Biblical community to:
•	 Pursue excellence in academic learning.
•	 Understand their identity.
•	 Become discerning thinkers.
•	 Be faithful in service to God.

Our Values

The core values that we focus on are:
•	 Excellence
•	 Stewardship
•	 Faithfulness
•	 Integrity

These should be evident in all we do.
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