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The Curriculum

    Aidanfield Christian School provides a
    curriculum that:

     •	 Is consistent with Biblical truths.
     •	 Complies with the NZ Curriculum Framework.
     •	 Encourages excellence in all we do.
     •	 Extends and challenges the pupils to continue to learn and explore

         their changing world.
     •	 Contributes to pupils preparation to be fully functional and caring

         members of society.
     •	 Helps pupils to discover their God-given gifts and future direction.

     How are we structured?

      Aidanfield Christian School is a composite (primary and secondary) state
      integrated school.
      As a state integrated school, we are owned by the Proprietors of the school
      not the Government. The Proprietors are a trust who are charged with the
      protection of the special character of the school. They also own and develop
      the land and buildings of the school. The attendance dues charged by the
      Proprietors are a compulsory fee that all parents must pay each year. This fee
      goes to the Proprietors (not the Board of Trustees) and can only be used for
      the development of the land and buildings.
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