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Aromaflex Academy is the only school in New Zealand and Australia
            to be accredited with the International Federation of Professional
            Aromatherapists (IFPA), Great Britain and teach their syllabus in New
            Zealand (registered since March 1998).

            Graduates from Aromaflex Academy are able to practice in most
            countries with their qualification. They are also able to link up with
            other IFPA accredited schools around the world. Visit
   for more information.

            In March 2007 Aromaflex Academy was accredited with the
            Reflexology Association of Canada. This organisation recognises our
            Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology courses.

            Since May 2008 Aromaflex Academy has been accredited to the
            International Therapy Examination Council, based in the UK. Our
            specialised courses are approved by ITEC, and this is accepted by the
            UK Government. Visit for more information.

            Aromaflex Academy standards ensure that students meet the
            requirements for professional memberships in New Zealand
            (NZROHA) and New Zealand Reflexology

            Aromaflex Academy is well established within the NZ Aromatherapy
            and Reflexology sector. The principal is the Chairwoman of the New
            Zealand Register of Holistic Aromatherapists, which is the Governing
            Body in Aromatherapy,

            Tutors are highly qualified and experienced, and must hold
            qualifications in their areas of expertise as well as teaching

             Please Note: The information in this Prospectus is provided for your information
             and guidance. Every effort has been made to ensure is was accurate at the time of
             publication. For further information please phone 03 545-6218

Aromaflex Academy, Development House, 1st Floor, 280 – 282 Trafalgar Street, Nelson. NZ. 7010.

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