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Academic Year                                                                     Application Details

The Academic Year is from late January until early December with four             Application forms and prospectus are available on request.
terms. Students can enrol at any time during the school year but may
not be eligible for any qualification if they do not complete the majority        Please contact:
of the academic year.
                                                                                  International Student Co-ordinator
International Student Welfare
                                                                                  Tokomairiro High School
Tokomairiro High School                                                           238 Union Street, Milton
welcomes all international                                                        Otago, New Zealand
students. Our International
Student Co-ordinator super-                                                       Tel: 64 3 417 8620 • Fax: 64 3 417 8215 • Email:
vises the programmes and
welfare of all students. With                                               Tokomairiro High School International
small class sizes in our school,
teachers know all the stu-                                                        Auckland
dents and follow their progress individually. Regular reports on the wel-
fare and progress of students are provided to parents and guardians.                               Wellington

English Language Support                                                                     Christchurch

For our International Students we offer high quality tuition in speak-               Dunedin
ing English, both with a fully qualified ESOL tutor and through an im-            MILTON

                                                   mersion focus. International
                                                   students also have access to
                                                   IELTS tuition and are encour-
                                                   aged to sit IELTS exams. Each
                                                   course is individually devel-
                                                   oped to suit the student’s
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