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Developing boys into fine men.

                                Whangarei Boys’ High School was founded in 1881
                                and has established itself as a top-flight place of learning
                                for day boys and boarders. It has earned its reputation
                                from the thousands of young men it has nurtured - young
                                men who have contributed to its great traditions.

                                It is the aim of our school to give every boy a genuine
                                opportunity to excel in his own way; to instil the courage,
                                self confidence, discipline and leadership we all require
                                to tackle life in a positive and constructive manner. In the
                                classroom, on the stage, on the playing fields and in all
                                our activities we aim to build a sense of self-worth and
                                fulfilment of potential based on knowledge, teamwork
                                and respect.

                                The International Department provides students
                                with a wide range of services which include help with
                                obtaining visas, insurance and choosing subjects.

                                The Director of International Students is available
                                24 hours a day for students, agents and parents. All
                                International Students are well looked after by concerned
                                and caring staff.

                                Mission Statement

                                It is the mission of Whangarei Boys’ High School to
                                provide for the future of its students through the best and
                                broadest educational opportunities in a well regulated,
                                supportive and harmonious environment.
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