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School Charter Goals

• 	 To preserve the special character of the school          • 	 To develop the self-esteem of our young men by
   particularly in reference to its traditions and pursuit      providing a caring and supportive environment.
   of excellence.
                                                             • 	 To foster high standards of behaviour and self
• 	 To maximise the advantages of being a single sex            discipline through role modelling, pastoral care
   school and maintain a special relationship with              and leadership programmes.
   Whangarei Girls’ High School.
                                                             • 	 To provide quality boarding facilities that give
• 	 To foster and develop New Zealand’s bicultural              opportunities for those outside Whangarei to be
   heritage.                                                    educated at Whangarei Boys’ High School.

• 	 To respect the diverse cultural heritage of our young    • 	 To provide a well-resourced, quality educational
   men and in so doing, provide equitable educational           environment.
   opportunities for all by identifying and removing
   barriers to educational achievement.                      • 	 To maintain a motivated, high-quality and
                                                                professionally up-to-date staff with very good
• 	 To foster a broad range of subjects and courses             student management skills.
   to cater for the varying needs of our young men in
   conjunction with high quality careers, education and      • 	 To maintain strong and productive working
   work experience opportunities.                               relationships with our community.

• 	 To develop physical, recreational, cultural and social   • 	 To continue to develop and maintain a financially
   activities as part of the curriculum, as well as outside     viable, high quality programme encouraging
   the classroom.                                               International Students to enrol at Whangarei
                                                                Boys’ High School.

School Values                                                • 	 Are committed to continuous improvement by
                                                                being a learning organisation.
The school and its community:
                                                             • 	 Are performance orientated and have an
• 	 Are committed to quality and excellence in all that         obligation to help people succeed.
   we do.
                                                             • 	 Are challenged by the power of ideas.
• 	 Believe in the power of teamwork and have integrity
   and respect for the people with whom we associate.        • 	 Act on high quality decisions and have
                                                                clear accountability.
• 	 Strive to offer practical solutions.
• 	 Are committed to acting in a way that benefits its

   young men.
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