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Whangarei Girls’ High Prospectus

   Welcome to Whangarei Girls’
   High School – offering a world
   of opportunity in Whangarei,
   New Zealand.

   We are delighted to welcome              We are proud of our 130 year history
   international students to our school     as a successful and highly regarded
   and enjoy helping them to improve their  school, providing:
   English, achieve their academic goals
   and experience our beautiful country.    • Strong academic achievement
   At the same time, we enjoy learning
   about other countries and cultures,      • Safe, supportive and secure
   as we prepare our students to discover     environment
   everything the world has to offer.
                                            • Sporting opportunities and successes

                                            • Warm and friendly school community

                                            • Extensive curriculum across
                                              many subjects.

                                            Anne Cooper

                                            – Principal

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