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Mairehau High School New Zealand

Mairehau High School offers international students a quality education.

Features of our international student programme are:
  • Only a limited number of international students are enrolled each year.
  • You will receive individual support and assistance.
  • English language classes taught by qualified staff, along with subject support.
  • Small class sizes.
  • A modern, fully equipped international students' centre.
  • Homestay, guardianship and insurance services arranged by the school.

Mairehau High School is a popular, growing school (size: 800+) situated close to the centre of Christchurch. The international airport is 15 minutes drive from the school.
Christchurch is an excellent city to study in. After leaving Mairehau, students can study at either of the universities in the area (Canterbury or Lincoln), the Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology or any of a wide range of other tertiary institutions.
Choose Mairehau for your education...for more details, enrolment information and forms Click here to enter our International Student site or e-mail us directly at

Our school has much to offer the community we serve:

  • We place a high priority on teaching students how to learn and how to relate well to others.

  • We encourage students to become independent and motivated life long learners.

  • We expect students to respect themselves and each other. We set clearly defined standards of behaviour and expect students to meet them.

  • Our school community is a diverse one. We treat each student's needs individually and do our very best to meet them.

  • We acknowledge that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. We value communication and involvement with parents, caregivers and the community and hence offer regular opportunities to consult with these groups in shaping school policy.

  • Our Physically Disabled Resource Centre and Learning Resource Centre are centres where highly qualified staff work with students with physical disabilities and specific learning needs. Wherever possible these students are integrated, with support, into mainstream classes.

  • We attract and retain highly qualified specialist staff, many of whom are regarded outside the school as leaders in their fields.

  • We are a smaller school, able to offer invidiual and personal care and support to all our students.

We aim to provide the best possible education for the young people in our community.


Located on the South Island, Christchurch is one of New Zealand's largest population centres (330,000+ people). Situated on the edge of the fertile Canterbury Plains, the city was originally a modest planned English migrant settlement in the mid 19th century. Served by the nearby port of Lyttelton, Christchurch soon grew into the South Island's major hub for engineering, agriculture and commerce. Christchurch today continues in this role and has also become a leading New Zealand centre for newer growth industries such as Tourism and Information Technology. For more information on Christchurch, past and present, please check our links page.

Mairehau High School

As its name suggests, the Mairehau High School site is found in the North-Eastern Christchurch suburb of Mairehau. The once semi-rural area is becoming highly-developed with many nearby commercial and residential projects ongoing. The school is very conveniently located near Christchurch's newly completed ring-road system placing it within 20 minutes drive of most other suburbs, shopping malls, sporting and entertainment facilities. For students the school has organised daily bus services which travel to and from several outlying suburbs before and after school (for details click here). Public transport bus services also pass near the school including the Metro "Orbiter" which loops the entire city. Details can be found via our links page.

School Facilities

Mairehau High School is a well-equipped state high school. Significant upgrading of facilities began in 2002 and continued in 2003 and 2004. Education for the 21st century demands up-to-date specialist equipment and facilities. Better opportunities are created when this equipment can be set up in rooms designed for specific purposes.

The specialist facilities include:

  • five science laboratories and a horticulture laboratory

  • music, art and drama suites

  • food technology room and textiles technology room

  • Maori studies whare

  • foreign language rooms

  • materials technology (metal and wood) workshops

  • computer-based graphic design suite

  • a careers and transition-to-work centre

  • common room for Year 13 students

  • a gymnasium

  • horticulture shade houses, propogating house and garden

  • international students' centre

As a result of our own fundraising we have many additional items for the use of students including:

  • extensive information and communication technology facilities

  • transport for disabled students

  • video equipment

  • 12-seat and 28-seat minibuses

  • lunchtime sports equipment

  • music instruments

  • workshop machinery

The school also has an assembly hall and a well-stocked, attractive and comfortable library. We have a school tuck shop and a used-uniform shop. These facilities have been paid for by our school fee. This is $75 for individual students or, where there is more than one student in the family, $105. The fee is tax deductable. We rely heavily on families paying this for purchasing essential items.


Our attractively landscaped grounds of over eight hectares include a range of sports fields and eight tennis and netball courts.


Learning Resource Centre

The services that the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offer and co-ordinate make it unique among Christchurch high schools.

The LRC offers specialist instruction in Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills. Our aim is to ensure all students achieve to their capability.

The LRC also manages the participation of students with special needs (learning) in the mainstream of the school. This involves using specialist resource teachers to co-ordinate teacher aides and other required professionals.

Physical Disabilities Resource Centre

The Physical Disabilities Resource Centre (PDRC) is a centre which provides an extensive range of educational programmes and support for students whose prime disability is physical. It is known nationally for its skill in providing specifically for the needs of this group of secondary aged students regardless of their academic ability.

In consultation with students, their parents and other agencies, the staff prepare, implement and review programmes appropriate to the needs of each individual. Students attend classes in the mainstream and take part in a wide range of social and sporting options available at Mairehau High School and in the community. Individual programmes include computer skills, work experience and the living skills which afford students maximum independence and a smooth transition to life in the community when they leave school.

Professional services currently on site include teachers trained in Special Teaching Needs, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Therapy. Support staff include Special Education Assistants and Teacher Aides who attend to care needs and provide support appropriate to the educational needs of each student.




Mairehau High School

440 Hills Road

Christchurch 8005

New Zealand

Telephone: (+ 64) (3) 385 3145

Fax: (+ 64)(3) 385 3143

Email: click here



Mairehau High School

440 Hills Road

Christchurch 8005

New Zealand


(+ 64)(3) 385 3145


(+ 64)(3) 385 3143


click here


View from the pedestrian main entrance

Carpark side of Ford block

Whare as seen from the visitor carpark

Pattern cutting in the T3 Textiles Technology room

T6 Computer Suite

Students study in the Library

The School Hall - ready for the next assembly

Year 13 Chemistry students prepare their experiments in the R2 Laboratory

Seating and planters in front of Archer block

Playing fields as seen from outside P5

Looking at the LRC from Archer Block in Autumn

A lesson in the PDRC


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