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New Zealand Tertiary College aims to empower people to become effective early childhood teachers, who respond to the needs of children and communities by providing comprehensive and professional programs.

Our History

New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) is a professional teacher education provider in the field of early childhood education.  NZTC has the second largest enrolment of student teachers in programs leading to provisional teacher registration in New Zealand and has the largest number of graduates in New Zealand.  In 2007, NZTC celebrates its 25 year anniversary in New Zealand of providing specialist early childhood teacher education.The College was founded by Kindercare Learning Centres, a well-known early childcare and education provider in New Zealand. Frustrated by the lack of professional training available to those working in the early childhood area Kindercare Learning Centres began running workshops and in-house training. Significant demand for the professional training offered resulted in the establishment of Kindercare Early Childhood Teachers College in 1982. In 1997 the name was changed to New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC). NZTC has continued throughout its history to offer programs of study that reflect the New Zealand early childhood professional sector need by providing accredited and registered specialist early childhood programs enabling graduates to apply for NZ Teachers Council registration.


NZTC now offers training in the Certificate in Early Childhood Education (Level 4), a Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching (Level 6) and the Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)(Level 7). We are also proud to announce that from 2007 we will be offering a degree in early childhood teacher education, the Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education).  The degree offers graduates of Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) the opportunity to upgrade their qualification and stay current in their field.

NZTC and Early Childhood Teacher Education

NZTC's commitment to the education of early childhood teachers is reflected in the fact that NZTC offers early childhood teacher education to a wide range of students working in a variety of services and organisations.  NZTC is closely allied to industry through its association with providers of early childhood services and the Early Childhood Council, the industry body that represents a large percentage of the early childhood industry in New Zealand.NZTC offers courses for students without experience in an early childhood centre through its college-based program. This course is particularly relevant to school leavers.In providing field-based and flexible delivery courses, NZTC understands that balancing personal commitments while working with young children takes a lot of energy, patience and time management, and that the additional claims of a study program increases the challenges.NZTC believes that by providing the three delivery options NZTC is better able to cater for the varied needs and learning styles of existing and potential early childhood teachers. NZTC is committed to working with all student teachers, and will do all it can to make the program of study at NZTC a springboard to a rewarding career in early childhood education in New Zealand and internationally.

Early Childhood Education -A Career Option

More than ever before early childhood education is considered a profession, with degree-level training, conferences and other professional development opportunities; it's more than just a job -it's a career.Whether you are working in an early childhood centre or a kindergarten, working as a nanny overseas or at home, training in Early Childhood Education will open up your future possibilities.Early childhood teacher training is valuable in any setting where children's lives and learning are the focus. The knowledge you will gain in an early childhood qualification is relevant to areas such as social work, child therapy, and child psychology. An understanding of the childcare sector and early childhood training would be valuable in roles within government that focus on early childhood and education. Or teach it yourself! You could become a college or university lecturer in early childhood education.99% of our students consistently gain employment in the early childhood field or go on to higher qualifications upon completion of their study.A world of opportunity opens up to you with an NZTC early childhood qualification. Enrol now and take the first step towards your future!

How to Enrol

Please contact the international division of NZTC for an enrolment pack

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