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Royal Business College (RBC) is a leading institution in New Zealand. The College is very proud of its good reputation in the world. During the recent years, we have provided specialised programmes for students. The programmes are designed for international students who wish to work and live in New Zealand after graduation. RBC won twice the NZTOP100 Exporters in 2003 and 2004/5. RBC is on three years audit cycle recognised by New Zealand Qualification Authority.
RBC designed IT, Business, Tourism, Horticulture and Management programmes according to New Zealand Immigration policy and NZ government policy and also based on the NZ Skills shortage needed. RBC offers the following special programmes:
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship Level 7 (BBA)
  • National Diploma in Business Level 6
  • National Diploma in Business Level 5
  • National Diploma in Computing Level 6
  • National Diploma in Computing Level 5
  • RBC Diploma in Horticulture Level 5
  • National Certificate in Horticulture Level 4
  • National Diploma in Tourism (Management) Level 5
The College has also lodged the application to NZQA for offering a new programme:
  • RBC Diploma in Information Technology Level 7
The Horticulture is one of the most favourable programmes in the College as it brings a pathway to international students who would like to get an employment and even residency in NZ after graduation. The programme is designed to provide students with an introduction to the horticulture industry. On completion of the programme students will be able to undertake a range of horticultural tasks and be able to identify future opportunities to become involved in this exciting industry. The programme is studied full time for only 36 or 42 weeks. Approximately 70%of the week will be spent for practice, the rest at our city campus locations. Student will be allocated to work in different nurseries, farms or companies and may be paid for some of the work with a rate of minimum $12.50 per hour.
Please also note that students who wish to enrol for the Diploma in Horticulture Level 5 can take their family with them, Children can obtain student visas and free education in New Zealand with Spouse can get open work visa for the same period of student visa.
RBC has built up an excellent working relationship with NZIS and receive many international students every year. RBC provides an unique services to international students and look after them as our own children under the Code of Practice.
Joining RBC = Success!
If you need further information about the College and its programmes feel free to contact us directly.
Royal Business CollegeLevel 4, Link Centre152 - 156 Hereford Street PO Box 13-215Christchurch New Zealand Telephone: 0064-3-374-9888Fax: 0064-3-374-9555Website:

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Royal Business College

Level 4, Link Centre152 - 156 Hereford Street PO Box 13-215Christchurch New Zealand Telephone: 0064-3-374-9888Fax: 0064-3-374-9555Website:


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