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St. Hilda's Collegiate School

St Hilda's is a progressive school attended by highly motivated girls, who develop into well-educated young women whilst studying with us. We are very proud of our reputation for quality education in a supportive Christian environment, which the school has developed since it was founded over 100 years ago.

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At St Hilda's, all students study towards the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). Most subjects use Achievement Standards as their form of assessment although some subjects will use a combination of Achievement Standards and Unit Standards.

Students will begin sitting some Level 1 standards in Year 10 but mostly Level 1 is gained in Year 11, Level 2 in Year 12 and Levels 3 and 4 in Year 13.

St Hilda's students regularly exceed national achievement levels and all students are encouraged to achieve at the merit and excellence levels. Academic Blues are awarded to celebrate excellence in achievement at all levels in NCEA.

St Hilda's is an integrated school of 400 students, with approximately one-third of the school being boarding students from the Otago and Southland regions.

Founded in 1896, St Hilda's has a proud tradition and reputation as a school which promotes Christian values, educational excellence and high levels of achievement in all fields of endeavour. It was originally a private school established by Anglican sisters and today the school proudly retains its close links with the Anglican Church. We value the special character this provides and although supportive of Anglican theology, we welcome students from any background who are in sympathy with Christian values and ethics.

In 1979 St Hilda's became integrated into the State Education System which means that the buildings, land and assets are independently owned, and the funding for teachers" salaries and the school's operational costs are met by the Ministry of Education.

The governance of the school is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees, made up of elected parent representatives, Board of Proprietors" appointees, the Principal, a staff representative and a student representative.

St Hilda's strives to provide all students with a secure and supportive environment where they are encouraged to grasp the opportunities and challenges available to them. Students are expected to work hard and challenge themselves to optimise their personal growth.

There are two years at which most students enter St Hilda's -Year 7 or Year 9. Most boarders begin in Year 9 although there are occasionally places available at other levels for both boarders and day girls.

There are usually more applicants for places at St Hilda's than places available.

The number of places vary in any year, although it is usually approximately 22 at Year 7, and 45 at Year 9 (of which 27 are boarding places). There are occasionally places available at other year levels.

Prospective applicants are advised to register interest at the school office as soon as possible and complete the full application process in the year prior to entry.

Places are offered to students in August for the following year and unsuccessful students may ask to be placed on a waiting list.

Our Global Community

Our International Department welcomes 25 to 30 international students each year to study at St Hilda's from a variety of countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, France, Germany and Australia. Specialised English language tuition is provided for these students. However, a significant part of their learning programme is accessed through regular classes where they work alongside our kiwi students building strong connections and building friendships.

Tolcarne: a way of life

Tolcarne is St Hilda's boarding residence located in Dunedin's Town Belt, just 10 minutes walk from St Hilda's. It is a place of pride for the boarders, parents, staff and school, built upon strong partnerships. We aim to provide a happy, safe and homely environment by having facilities and services that meet both parents" and students" expectations.

While we recognise the need for collective responsibility for the group as a whole, we also respect each girl's individuality. Each boarder will be supported in her endeavours to achieve her academic, sporting, cultural and social goals.

We encourage parental involvement at Tolcarne. Parents are more than welcome to visit or make contact at any time. Parents are involved in the review of the guidelines that are used by staff in ensuring a safe and happy environment.

Tolcarne is also what the girls make it -a fun and relaxed home-away-from-home where they make lifetime friendships and take many happy memories with them when they leave.

Boarding School Facilities

Tolcarne has excellent facilities. Year 9 boarders are accommodated in a large dormitory designed so the girls can get to know each other, make new friends and develop team skills. From Years 10 to 13 they move into smaller more private suites, and these facilities are being continually upgraded.

Our music suite consists of three soundproof rooms that music tutors can use and many boarders take up this opportunity. There is also an exercise, room, reading room and special study rooms for Year 11 students.

The outdoors environment also adds to the character of Tolcarne. Set in the Town Belt overlooking the city and Otago Harbour, Tolcarne's grounds feature large green areas, mature trees, tennis courts, volleyball area, swimming pool and places for students to sit and relax when they want peace and quiet.

Caring for Boarders

The boarders are offered a tempting, nutritious and well-balanced diet. A variety of food choices is offered and boarders are able to organise their meal times to fit their other commitments such as sporting, music and cultural activities.

Individuals are cared for with a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles. Girls are encouraged to be involved with a variety of activities and supported in making healthy life choices.

Supporting Learning

Tolcarne House Managers recognise the need to support student learning. Year 9 and 10 boarders have supervised prep 5 nights a week for 1-11/2 hours.

Year 11 students have a designated study room which is also supervised and Year 12 and 13 students study in their own rooms.

Computer access is linked to the school system. There are 13 computers available for student use and often senior students will bring their own laptops which operate through the wireless network.

Many senior students access personal tutors and of course are encouraged to attend the tutorials that are readily available through school.

St Hilda's offers students a wealth of co-curricular opportunities. All students are expected to take advantage of the co-curricular programme in sport, cultural or service activities. Over ninety percent of our students regularly play sport for the school and many students participate in the cultural activities.

It is our belief that through being involved with activities outside the classroom that young people develop important personal and life skills.

St Hilda's enjoys a formidable reputation as a strongly competitive school in sport, achieving top National and South Island rankings in hockey, netball, tennis, rugby, athletics and cross country.

Our choirs, music groups, orchestra, drama, school productions, stage challenge and debating teams also enjoy success in local and regional competitions.


St Hilda's Collegiate School
2 Cobden Street
Dunedin 9016
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 477 0989

Fax: +64 3 477 1222


Website: /

St Hildas Collegiate School


St Hilda's Collegiate School

2 Cobden Street

Dunedin 9016

New Zealand

Phone:+64 3 477 0989

Fax: +64 3 477 1222




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