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Whitireia Polytechnic is a government-funded tertiary institution, established in 1986. We specialise in vocational training and our courses help people get good jobs. Our courses are British based and we offer more than 120 courses including short six-month certificates, two year diplomas and our Degree Programmes. We can offer a kiwi experience studying in Wellington at Whitireia’s main campus in Porirua with 6000 local and international students or an international experience studying in downtown Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. 


What makes us special? We are the only New Zealand Polytechnic that offers special fast track programmes in Business and Computing.

  • NZ Diploma in Business can be completed in 18 months (Auckland & Wellington)
  • NZ Diploma in ICT (Level 5-6) can be completed in 18 months (Auckland campus only)

Whitireia Polytechnic prides itself as a multicultural centre of educational excellence and international students have attended since 1988.  Our classes are small (up to 30 max) so we can ensure our international students have personal attention.  Our free learning support service means that there is always someone there to help you with assignments and essays. 

Wellington harbour and cityThe main Porirua campus is 20km north of Wellington sited beside the scenic Porirua harbour close to beaches where swimming, surfing and boating are popular recreational activities. It is in the heart of the fastest growing part of the Wellington region with easy access to four golf clubs, banks, shopping complexes, a modern art gallery, gymnasiums, restaurants and public transport including rail.

There are two satellite campuses in Kapiti and Wellington. The Kapiti Campus is situated in a farm-like environment, surrounded by rolling hills. The Wellington City Campus in central Wellington is a short distance from Parliament and it caters for professionals looking at re-training or for career advancement


We have also established a new International Campus in downtown Auckland. Auckland is NZ’s largest city with a million people and is the centre of commerce and industry. This campus is solely aimed at international students, consisting mainly of Chinese, Korean and Japanese. It offers all the key Whitireia facilities and pastoral care as well as quality teaching. Students study fast track programmes in Auckland and many move to Wellington to complete their degrees.

FACILITIES (Wellington & Auckland)

Computer Rooms


Student Association

Health Centre (with nurse, doctor and councillor

Language Lab


Free Internet and Email

Student Liaison Officer


International Marketing Offices

Whitireia Polytechnic offers a wide range of nationally recognised education and training programmes in vocational areas such as business, computing, catering and hospitality, the arts, nursing, teaching, engineering and horticulture, as well as in more general areas of study such as English Language.  Over 120 full-time programmes of study are available.  Many programmes can be taken part-time.  At present there are over 6000 local students enrolled in full-time and part-time programmes.

Qualifications range from Certificate level to National Diploma or Degrees.  The School of Nursing and Health Studies offers several post-graduate programmes as well as a Nursing Degree.  The School of Computing offers a three-year Bachelor Degree in Information Technology. We are also offering three new degrees in 2004 -Bachelor of Applied Business Studies, Bachelor in Social Work and Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic). Most of the Diploma Courses require IELTS of 5.5, and Degrees require IELTS 6.0. Certificates and Foundation Programmes require IELTS 4.5 to 5.0.


The Whitireia English Language School based in Wellington and Auckland campuses offers a variety of English language programmes, including courses to improve everyday English speaking and to prepare students for IELTS or further polytechnic and university studies.  The courses are aimed at people who want to improve their English language skills either for employment or to study other subjects in the future, such as business studies, computing, teaching, electronics and tourism. They can also study special options such as Business English.  Our classes are small (up to 15 max).  Students can join any Monday. There is no entry level – everyone is welcome.

The programme includes English language and communication and a range of optional courses to meet individual students’ needs at an appropriate level.  Students are encouraged to develop independent learning strategies and there is a language laboratory for practice.  There are generally four classes ranging from beginners to advanced.

All ESOL staffs are fully trained and qualified teachers with post-graduate qualifications in TESOL and have lived and worked overseas in Asia and Europe.

The English Language Options

General English:  Teaching effective communication in everyday situations and development of listening, reading and writing skills.  There are at least four levels from beginners to advanced. 

English for Further Studies:  Preparing you for IELTS, or further studies at polytechnic or university.

At Whitireia you learn English not only in class but also, very importantly, by participating.  It is very important to us that your learning needs are met.  The English Language School is open throughout the year (except three weeks Christmas holiday).  You can start your classes any Monday of the year (preferably the beginning of each month) and you can decide how long you wish to enrol (minimum two weeks).  Each class has a maximum of 15 students.

You can choose your preferred English Language option – to study full-time (23 hours per week) or part-time (15 hours per week or 8 hours/week).  You can also choose to study English combined with another programme of study (e.g. part English and part Business Studies). However you will need to satisfy the NZ Immigration Service requirements for class attendance in order to avoid visa problems later.

Our special options include:

Preparation for IELTS exam (5.5 to 6.5)

Prepare to study business (intro/advanced)

Language laboratory (intro/advanced)

Grammar (intro/advanced)

Conversation and writing (intro/advanced)

Advanced listening, speaking and writing skills

How to use a computer (Word, Excel, Spreadsheets, Database)


Whitireia Certificate


One year full-time or by semester or by arrangement


February or by arrangement



Description:  This is a foundation programme designed to help students upgrade their qualifications to meet entry requirements for other tertiary programmes.  Mature students are particularly welcome, and part-time or semester enrolments are sometimes available.  There are three options available.

Introduction to Health Science, leading to:

  •  Bachelor of Nursing

  •  Diploma in Teaching

  •  Laboratory Technician

  •  Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic)

Introduction to Business, leading to:

  •  Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

  •     Bachelor of Applied Business Studies

  •  New Zealand Diploma in Business

  •  NZIM Diploma/Certificate in Management

  •   Diploma in Accounting, Management or Marketing

Introduction to Social Science, leading to:

  •  Bachelor in Social Work

  •  Early Childhood Education

  •  Diploma in Teaching

All students in this option complete the core subjects of Communications, Mathematics and Word Processing.  In all subject areas NZQA Units are taught where appropriate.  Specialised subjects studied are:

  • Health Science – Biology, Chemistry and Social Science

  • Business– Accounting, Economics/Management and Computer Studies.

  • Social Sciences – Social Psychology, Nutrition and Applied Science

The programme has open entry apart from minimum level of IELTS qualification.  All applicants are interviewed and need to show a willingness and commitment to complete the programme.


Home stay is a great way to learn about New Zealand culture.  New Zealand host families are carefully chosen for you to stay with.  Your family will provide you with a single bedroom, three meals per day and clean bed linen and towels.

Students are encouraged to ask questions of their home stay family.

It is great for their English conversation to talk with them as much as possible. 

At the main Porirua campus, home stay costs NZ$150.00 per week, for 3 meals per day.  There is a NZ$50.00 home stay placement fee. .  Being outside of the main city, Wellington,   means cheaper living costs and Porirua is a very safe environment.  Most students can walk or take a bus or train ride to Whitireia Polytechnic.

The main Porirua campus also offers a hostel in the recently renovated Porirua Hospital, 10 minutes walking distance from the school at a cost of $160.00/week for 2 meals /day.

For students studying at the Auckland Campus, the homestay cost is NZ$200 per week because Auckland is a more expensive city.


Postal Address for Wellington Campus

Whitireia Polytechnic (Main Campus)

Wineera Drive

Private Bag 50910

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Phone: +64 4 237 3100

Fax: +64 4 237 3101



Whitireia Community Polytechnic


Whitireia Polytechnic

(Main Campus)

Wineera Drive

Private Bag 50910

Porirua City


Phone: +64 4 237 3100

+64 4 237 3101